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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Congress Boosts FDA’s Ability to Effectuate Food Safety Modernization Act

Posted in Foodborne Illness, Products Liability

Co-authored by Brian Gross In our October 25, 2011 post, Food Safety Modernization Act: Did Congress Bite Off More Than It Can Chew? we expressed concern regarding the FDA’s ability to fully implement the Food Safety Modernization Act (“FSMA”) given its budgetary restrictions.   As outlined in our prior post, FSMA provides for increased regulation and oversight… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Rule on Whether “Every Breath You Take” Theory Holds Water in Asbestos Litigation

Posted in Asbestos Litigation, Litigation Trends

Co-authored by Brian Gross The health hazards associated with asbestos have been documented, at least to some degree, for many years.  Yet the litigation of asbestos injury claims is as robust and contentious as ever. Why? Well, much of it stems from the fact that there is controversy in the medical and scientific community as to… Continue Reading