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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Delaware Asbestos Judge Continues Trend of Streamlining Docket

Posted in Asbestos Litigation, Litigation Trends

Much like Judge Robreno, currently in charge of the Federal MDL asbestos docket in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Judge Ableman of the Delaware Superior Court has made increasing the efficiency of the Delaware asbestos docket a goal since being put in charge of asbestos litigation in Delaware in May of 2010.  One of the… Continue Reading

Financial Crisis Impacts Courtrooms Nationwide

Posted in Litigation Trends

The financial crisis and subsequent fallout has been widely publicized, and now the effects are beginning to reverberate in courts across the country.  In many jurisdictions deep cuts to state budgets have led to layoffs, furlough days, vacant judicial positions, and even courthouse closings.  These cuts threaten one of the pillars of the American justice… Continue Reading

Tort Reform Law And The Controversial “Losers Pay” Provision; A Game Changer For Asbestos Litigation?

Posted in Asbestos Litigation, Toxic Tort

Co-authored by Brian Gross The Texas legislature recently enacted a major tort reform law which would make the losing party pay the opposing party’s “costs and reasonable and necessary attorney’s fees.”  In its true form, this rule, also known as the “English Rule,” requires that a losing party in litigation pay the fees and the costs… Continue Reading